The Project Safe Smart Food has created an E-book at European level on the main trends in food service and packaging

Here are six topics covered in both webinars and the E-book:

  1. Excellence in cluster management (ESCA Label System)
  2. Promoting entrepreneurship in the cluster ecosystem
  3. Shared value across clusters
  4. How to adapt clusters to the main trends and challenges in the food sector
  5. How to make your cluster more profitable with digitalisation
  6. Nutrition and Health as a cornerstone of the food sector in the clusters
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Introduction to cluster excellence
and ESCA labelling system

The labelling process is a very intense process. It starts way before the evaluation. You will need human resources to prepare the documentation and to attend the evaluation. It is an investment of time, as well. Only the preparation takes usually around 50 and up to 100 hours in some cases. And it can also be financially expensive. Significant preparation is required. Any statement must be demonstrated with documentation.

BUT! It goes beyond a certification. It is a learning journey.

In this webinar we will see the origin of the ESCA labelling process and the characteristics of each label: the bronze, the silver, and the gold.

The promotion of entrepreneurship
in the cluster ecosystem

How to make your company more profitable
with digitalization through clusters

The main trends and challenges
in the food sector

Beatriz Romanos Hernando of the Techfood and Techfood Magazine will tell about trends and challenges in general, especially looking from perspective of clusters. The main focus of this webinar will be on challenges from the point of view of disruption and innovation, to make food industry more resilient and to be prepare to resist external disruption and how-to companies can prepare to disrupt themselves or other industries. Webinar will be based on analyze of exponential companies’ development. At the end, explaining how to apply this knowledge to food industry.

Shared Value through clusters

Shared Value through clusters: Dissemination of the shared value concept and its potential advantages to create new businesses and modify the current business strategies through inclusive businesses. This webinar is divided:
  1. In a first section a theoretical framework is provided. Different authors and currents of thought are cited that have contributed knowledge in the field of shared value. Also, how is new capitalism and how is it evolving towards this idea of shared value.
  2. The second section explains what shared value is, what it brings and how it differs substantially from corporate social responsibility. At the same time, different local and international business cases are presented that exemplify the concept. Also, the B Corp audit is presented as a certificate of recognition by companies that implement the ideals of shared value in their company.
  3. The third section introduces the relationship between shared value and clusters through different initiatives carried out from Catalonia.

Health and nutrition as the cornerstone of the food sector

This session is called “main trends and challenges in the food sector” and Irina Chiriac from Leitat talks about three main parts:
  1. Identification of current trends regarding nutrition, which are also important for the strategic alignment of food producing companies
  2. Research fields, in which Leitat is working and which technologies they use in their work in the field of food
  3.  Introduction of case studies of Leitat in regard to food trends

Please apply for full E-book webinars by sending your email and we will send out full E-book.

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