June 21st, 2020. Glad to transform hours of dedication and work into financing and thus be able to generate projects for the country's industry. In our field of #packaging (project @safesmartfood) working with the food sectors in Austria, the Baltic States and Catalonia. With @clusterfood.


Packaging cluster tweet. June 22, 2020. The @packcluster and the @clusterfood lead the project @safesmartfood to boost the food and packaging ecosystem on an international scale, with the aim of making the companies that are part of these entities more competitive.


Packaging cluster tweet. June 25, 2020. @Cluster_Digital, @clusterfood, @packcluster, @ClusterCICAT, @Railgrup and

@indescat have raised 519,000 euros from the @ComissioEuropea to carry out innovation projects, such as the @safesmartfood which coordinates the cluster.

On 28th of July, 2020 Safe Smart Food had a monthly review meeting, where topics like upcoming hackathon and exchange trips for clusters and cluster members were discussed. More info to follow.

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Would you like to participate in the Safe Smart Food project? 📢📢

The Packaging Cluster coordinates the project SAFE SMART FOOD with the consortium formed by european clusters, Clúster Foodservice Lithuanian food exporters association (LitMEA) Latvijas Partikas Uznemumu Federacija and the , to promote the ecosystem Business Upper Austria of food and the international #packaging level.

- To promote collaboration between the consortium
- Improve the management and competitiveness of organizations and their companies

#Com can I contribute my grain of sand?
Perform this survey so that the services offered by the cluster are more in line with your

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The Packaging Cluster, together with and , ACCIÓ Roots for Sustainability promoted in 2019 the project of identification and research of market opportunities in the generation of shared #sharedvalue value.

The challenges and trends that were embodied largely govern the basis of the cluster's action strategy, as the activity that is carried out is over-the-top:

Sociodemographic Changes. With actions to support industry and society in the face of the pandemic: https://bit.ly/2ZOWRt1
Sustainability and Circular Economy. As a cross-sectional axis of projects https://bit.ly/32JIMz4) (and sessions ( https://bit.ly/2ZM6Waa)
Internationalization. With projects like SAFE SMART FOOD
Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory. With specific days from specialized partners in the field: https://bit.ly/3hnFEwB

Full exclusive report to cluster members

Executive summary available to the
➡️ sector https://lnkd.in/dGavGNM

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The Packaging Cluster coordinates the project SAFE SMART FOOD which aims, among others, to improve management skills and redefine the individual strategy to offer better services to associates. The project will allow us to enhance our management skills and build a new strategy based on the demands we receive from you.

Do you want to participate?
https://lnkd.in/d_Zezaz ✍👉

Consortium consisting of: 
Clúster Foodservice Lithuanian food exporters association (LitMEA), Latvijas Partikas Uznemumu Federacija of Latvia, Business Upper Austria the and the Packaging Cluster.



Link to the tweet: https://twitter.com/safesmartfood


 And today the press @elperiodico_cat and @LaVanguardiaCAT mentioned project

@safesmartfood which will be coordinated by clusters @clusterfood and @packcluster. Working to connect value chains internationally.

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The Safe Smart Food project established in 2020 is composed by 5 clusters from 4 EU countries- Business Upper Austria - OÖ. Wirtschaftsagentur GmbH, Smart Food Cluster from Lithuania, Food Products Quality Cluster from Latvia, Packaging Cluster from Spain and Food Service Cluster from Spain.

The Safe Smart Food project was created with the intention of promoting the internationalisation of the associated clusters and their member companies. 
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